Shag Tobacco promotion and tour

Despite the theft, the tour is on, with only three concerts postponed.
The “Later with Jools Holland” team caught Gavin live in London and might book him for a November spot on their television show (BBC). There is also chance of an appearance on ‘White Room’ (Channel 4).
25 USA record company heads come are flown in to Amsterdam to see Gavin perform at the Paradiso.
There are plans to stage ‘Shagging Tobacco’, the Pat McCabe short story from Shag Tobacco’s cd booklet, and to release a spoken word cd of this stageshow.
‘You, me and World War III’ will be the second single off Shag Tobacco. B-sides will be recorded the second week of November. The release of ‘Angel’ in the UK and Ireland has been postponed again, because the record company likes the video that goes with it. Timing is important and they want to make sure the video is well distributed before the single hits the shops.
Island Records have released a 20 minute EPK (Electronic Press Kit) i.e. a video. It was recorded in a ‘mouldy, closed down’ Mr Pussy’s and it features Jim Sheridan, Gavin and Mr Pussy.