Hal Willner’s Poe project

Gavin has recently done some recording with Hal Willner. Willner is working on a project on the work of Edgar Alan Poe. Lou Reed, Christopher Walken, Diamanda Galas, Jeff Buckley and Leonard Cohen are involved as well. Gavin reads ‘For Annie’ “a kind of thank god I’m dead and up there with my mother poem” The album will be released on Rykodisc.
Gavin has also done some jamming with Kevin Godley, Maurice and Tim Simenon. This for a project that Kevin Godley calls ‘God’.
VP chronologists: the very first VP TV appearance ever was on RTE’s ‘Summerhouse’ in 1978.
Interesting quote: “I think Bono tried to do a Gavin on Velvet Dress, with the lyrics and with the ‘intimate, in your ear’ singing. However, ‘I don’t think he quite succeeded.. I don’t think his balls have dropped as low as mine”.