Interview: Gavin Friday – My Favourite Buy

From the Evening Herald’s ‘Money and Business’ section

What was your best buy?

My house and home

Going out and spending or a quiet night in saving?

Both…going out and spending and a quiet night in – two of the most enjoyable things in life.

Stockmarket or Piggybank?


Rolls Royce or Mini Metro?

Rolls Royce ’cause its good for my voice.

Jacket and tie or jeans and t-shirt in the office?

I don’t work in an office but if i did a jacket and tie…like a true gentleman.

Are you sucked in by useless inventions?

No, I’m a realist!

Lotto or Bookies?

I never bet and I think the Lotto is a waste of time.

Do you prefer cash or credit?

Both cash and credit, Why? Its only money!