Muc’s ready for take off

Remember Muc the Flying Pig? Gavin Friday and Laurent Mallet’s 12-foot piggy bank has finally landed near Dublin airport after its busy Kosovo adventures and some quiet time in the shed.

From The Irish Hospice website:
“Visitors to Dublin Airport this year may be surprised by the sight of a 12-foot high, 8-foot wide flying pig known as MUC.

MUC – the brainchild of rock impresario, Gavin Friday, and artist, Laurent Mellet – is the emblem of the Irish Hospice Foundation’s latest fundraising initiative, aimed at raising money to develop hospice facilities for sick children.

MUC involves a series of events nationwide, targeting every sector of the community. Schools and children have been particularly encouraged to participate. Thanks to Fossett’s Circus, one lucky child will win an exciting prize: a free trip to the circus for his or her entire school.

MUC is sponsored and supported by the Irish League of Credit Unions, and each participating Credit Union branch has its own MUC piggy bank and is encouraging members to run MUC events.
We are grateful to the Irish League of Credit Unions, Fossett’s Circus and Aer Rianta for their support.”

From the Irish Independent, dated Sunday June 22:
“One of the most recent pieces to go on display at the airport has an important secondary function – raising funds for the Irish Hospice Foundation. The brainchild of artists Gavin Friday and Lauret Mellet, Muc is a 12 foot high and eight-foot wide stainless-steel pig, which is effectively a piggybank for those wishing to make donations to the hospice organisation. Miniature versions of Muc are also on display, and in use, at most of Ireland’s credit unions. “Art is important,” says Moore, “And at Aer Rianta we are proud that we acknowledge that importance.””