Laurent Perrier Champagne Culture Club

Review of the 2003 Lauren Perrier Champagne Culture Club talk (August 13, 2003)

“It says something about Gavin Friday that there was almost a 100pc acceptance to the invitation to hear him discuss the influences on his career last Wednesday evening. Following the performance guests enjoyed a glass, or two, of Laurent Perrier to cool them down on what turned out to be yet another wonderful evening.

Among the guests were John and Odette Rocha, Guggi, Simon Carmody, the amazing looking Melanie Morris, Antonia Campbell Hughes and Rory O’Keefe, lingerie diva Susan Hunter, Aisling Kilduff from the Design Center in Powerscourt, designer Michael Mortell, Brendan O’Connor and Maurice Seezer.

Gavin Friday, well known artist, composer and performer and VBF of Bono, gave an interesting insight into his career in a talk entitled I Didn’t Come Up The Liffey In A Bubble. Gavin took guests on a visual and vocal journey through the diverse stages of his life and the many people and movements that had influenced him.

Of course, most of the chat was about all the Cote and Costa set who have been away all summer and have missed what has turned out to be possibly the best summer in Ireland for years.

Visiting Ireland from Marbella for the first time for a stay at the K Club and the Merrion, Suzanne Jeffries, the doyenne of the top end of the property market on the Golden Mile, was blown away by the beauty of this country and, to tell the truth, a bit bemused by all the Irish down on the Costa. “Come back on a wet and windy weekend and all will become immediately clear,” we assured her.

John Moriarty, inspirational author and philosopher, was the first to feature in the Laurent Perrier Culture Clubs series. And the enthusiastic response from those who have attended will guarantee that this series will be repeated again next year.”