Wolf on Lyric FM, Gavin and Maurice on Mystery Train

Tonight on Lyric FM in Ireland, a one-hour documentary about Peter and the Wolf on October 31st, at 7pm. Both Gavin and Maurice are interviewed. Lyric FM broadcast in Ireland and online.
Gavin and Maurice appeared on John Kelly’s Mystery Train tonight at 8pm to talk about and play some of the In America soundtrack on the Mystery Train (archive) before heading off to the RTE TV studios for the Late Late Show’s Tribute to Jim Sheridan.
Three tracks off the soundtrack were played: ‘Mr American Dream’, ‘Time Enough For Tears’ and ‘All Our Troubles Have Flown Away.’ They discussed the difference in approach between their scores for previous Jim Sheridan films and the current one. Sheridan wanted a lighter approach to counter balance the heavier themes of the film. Kelly asked Gavin and Maurice what they had to do to get Andrea Corr to do the vocal for the song. They answered: “Lock her in the toilet.”
At the end of the 20 minute section Kelly kindly invited asked Gavin and Maurice to return to the show to play their favourite records.