‘In America’ soundtrack details

The ‘In America’ soundtrack will be released on Warners in the U.K. and Ireland on November 21st. In the U.S.A. the album is on Atlantic Records, out on November 25th.

Track listing:

1. Time Enough For Tears

2. Some things you should wish for

3. All our troubles have flown away

4. Mr American Dream I

5. Fe Fi Fo Fum

6. Painting an Angel

7. Mr American Dream II

8. Hell’s Kitchen Suite

9. Happy Holiday

10. I’m an alien

11. Bad Blood

12. The whole world has had a bad day

13. Mateo goes home

14. The third wish (In America finale)

15. All our troubles have flown away finale

All tracks written by Friday/Seezer and performed by the Friday/Seezer Ensemble, except Time Enough For Tears which is Bono/Friday/Seezer, sung by Andrea Corr.