This is the story of Peter and the Wolf

Documentary screened on Ireland’s RTE 1, January 5, 2004
Review by Patrick Lynch
THIS IS THE STORY OF PETER AND THE WOLF is a fascinating insight into the background and considerable time, effort, creativity and talents that went into this unique fundraising project for the Irish Hospice Foundation.
Beginning with the final stage of the project, with footage of the New York Christies auction including Gavin’s humorously daring introduction and Bono’s humble self-effacing speech the half hour documentary brought us back to the recording studios of the Friday Seezer ensemble to the artist studio of Bono and his daughters and co-workers, Jordan and Eve.
The programme was sprinkled with interviews with Maurice Seezer and Gavin, as well as hosting contributions by overall designer of the book project Colm O Gaora and Irish Hospice director Marie Donnelly.
Now that we are on the other side of Christmas the film serves as a timely reminder of a delightful project brought to the world with much hard work and charm. Footage of a genuine labour of love for a fitting cause. There’s always someone else you could be buying it for…
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