Brel tribute CD

Next - Brel tribute
Gavin’s version of ‘Next’ (originally available on the album ‘Each Man Kills The Thing He
Loves’) appears on the Cd ‘Next’ (Barclay/Universal), a tribute to Jacques Brel, scheduled for release in France and the U.K. on March 15. Other artists on this compilation include David Bowie, Marc Almond, Nina Simone and Scott Walker.
01 Mathilda – Scott Walker
02 If You Go Away – Dusty Springfield
03 Amsterdam – David Bowie
04 Next – Sensational Alex Harvey Band
05 Jackie – Divine Comedy
06 Why Should It Be That Man Gets Bored – Paul Armfield
07 The Lovers – Jimmy Rogers
08 If We Only Have Love – Dionne Warwick
09 Girls And The Dogs – Scott Walker
10 Amsterdam – Anne Watts
11 If You Go Away – Emiliana Torrini
12 Next – Gavin Friday & Man Seezer
13 Litany For A Return – Marc Almond
14 The Desperate Ones – Nina Simone
15 Seasons In The Sun – Terry Jacks