Shock and Awe: The Songs of Randy Newman

Shock and Awe: The Songs of Randy Newman, a tribute event was held at Royce Hall, UCLA Live, on January 24, 2004. Organised by Hal Willner, Gavin and Maurice performed three songs:

“Pretty Boy”, “In Germany Before the War” and “You Can Keep Your Hat On”.

One Elvis Costello fan reports Gavin was ‘beyond belief, just amazing’.


“Gavin Friday’s “In Germany Before the War” was filled with a whispered theatrical menace, while his rendition of “You Can Leave Your Hat On” was an over-the-top cabaret seduction.”

L.A. Times

“Gavin Friday, for instance, found a strain of defiant affirmation amid the sad self-delusion in the “I know what love is!” rant from “You Can Leave Your Hat On.” The Irish singer’s cabaret-cum-rock star stance represented the evening’s most flamboyant theatricality…”

Surf Santa Monica

“Among the highlights were Stan Ridgway’s renditions of “Bad News from Home” and especially “Rider in the Rain,” both of which were almost transformed into Ridgway’s own sardonic road-trip style of songs; Irish singer Gavin Friday’s theatrical readings of “Germany Before the War” (as a Kurt Weilly whisper vocal) and “You Can Leave Your Hat On”(as a playful sexual braggadocio that reclaimed the song from Joe Cocker); ”