What does Gavin Friday know?


From ‘Dubliner’ magazine, October 2004

If I had to define fame, I’d say that’s it’s being fucked.

Life on the road? When I am touring, I love performing, but I absolutely hate tour buses.

The very first thing that I thought of when I woke up this morning was ‘oh no, not another early morning car horn’.

My all-time greatest vices are cigarettes and eyeliner. I just can’t get enough of either.

Do Aliens exist? Yes, absolutely, positively. In fact, I know quite a few.

When I am drunk I talk, I smile, I laugh, I sing, I dance and I also wee wee a lot. All in all, I’m a happy drunk.

My personal philosophy would have to be ‘Give what you got or lose what you have.’

If I ruled the world I think I would definitely have to abdicate. Too much pressure.

My greatest Rock n Roll moment was when my mickey popped out of my trousers when Virgin Prunes supported The Clash in 1978. Ah, happy daze.

My favourite TV programme of all time is The Clangers.

The funniest thing about Dublin is, without a doubt, Lillie’s Bordello.

If I could be anyone for a day I would have to chose Eamon Dunphy.

The worst thing about modern life is Eamon Dunphy.

Do I like video games? Seriously? No, I fucking hate them.

In the shower I sing Come to Daddy.