Jackie Hayden has Friday on his mind

Jacky Hayden talks to Gavin Friday in an interview entitled ‘Friday on my mind’ available on the IMRO (Irish Music Rights Organisation) website.
The interview is the cover story for the forthcoming edition of the IMRO magazine MQ which is sent to the IMRO membership. The magazine will be circulated later this week.
‘Friday on my mind’ reveals the titles of the songs Gavin recorded for Neil Jordan’s Breakfast on Pluto: Sweet’s ‘Wig-Wam Bam’ and ‘Sugar Baby Love’ by The Rubettes.
You’ll also find the first mention of Gav’s work with Sinead Lohan and her producer Malcolm Burns. The two singers penned two ballads for Sinead’s new album (for which we have no release date at this time) and recorded them quickly over a weekend mid-2004.