Other Voices CD released this week

Other Voices is releasing a CD on June 3. It features 18 live song recorded in St James Church, Dingle, Co Kerry in December 2004. Gavin is featured on the album with the song Angel.

Full track listing
Joe Chester – ‘A Drop of Rain’
Republic of Loose – ‘Hold Up’
Emiliana Torrini – ‘Sunnyroad’
Angela McCluskey – ‘It’s Been Done’
The Chalets – ‘GoGo (Don’t Go)’
Declan O’Rourke – ‘Galileo’
Paddy Casey – ‘Saints & Sinners’
Donovan – ‘Sunshine Superman’
Eddi Reader – ‘Kite Flyers Hill’
Tom Baxter – ‘Day in Verona’
The Divine Comedy – ‘Our Mutual Friend’
Cowboy Junkies – ‘Misguided Angel’
Steve Earle – ‘Ellis Unit 1’
Kathleen Edwards – ‘Back to Me’
Gavin Friday – ‘Angel’
Autamata – ‘Liberty Bell’
Sonny Condell – ‘Hungry’
Mark Lanegan Band – ‘Wedding Dress’