Gavin’s acting debut reviewed

The Windy City Times single out Gavin in their Breakfast on Pluto review:

Based on the Pat McCabe novel, Kitten’s delusions ( they serve as instinctive survival tactics for the character ) are so intense that nothing else seems to filter through–not her grim circumstances, not the grittiness around her, and certainly not the constant “interruptions” by those pesky IRA terrorists with their machine guns and bombs. No one has a more fabulous fantasy life than lonely misfit gay boys, it seems, and Jordan holds true to Kitten’s steel-under-velvet determination to let nothing knock off her rose-colored glasses. Murphy is helped by a richly talented supporting cast that includes Liam Neeson, Brendan Gleeson ( as always ), and especially Gavin Friday as a love-struck Elvis wannabe.

Movie critic Roger Ebert writes:

Kitten depends on the kindness of strangers. Cillian Murphy with a bemused and hopeful voice, he meets such characters as Billy (Gavin Friday), leader of the scruffy rock band Billy Hatchet and the Mohawks, and soon Kitten is onstage as a squaw, helping out during the performance of “Running Bear.” Billy falls in love with him, but eventually “the band thinks the squaw is not working out.” writes:

‘Kitten has a Yoko-like fling with a beery rock singer (wonderfully played by the debauched Gavin Friday), which is interrupted by a subplot involving Irish Republican Army gun-running. He also has a stint as a costumed animal at a Disney-esque theme park, and as an assistant to a melancholy magician (Stephen Rea, from “The Crying Game”).’

Breakfast on Pluto opens nationwide (USA) on Friday, December 23rd.


  1. Anneli on February 4, 2009 at 1:22 am

    I just saw the movie on norwegian television tonight and Gavin´s innovative, energetic and fabulous acting moved me completely! Especially the scene in the caravan where he finds out that the guns are missing… All the zillion gestures and facial expressions at one time…lovely! What an energy, what a natural talent! I want to see that scene over and over again and study him frame by frame ;o) And to know that I have been so lucky to work wit this talented genious way back in time! Glorious! Cheers from Norge!