Bauhaus: ‘I bet Gavin’s behind all this…’

The Dublin Event Guide interviews Bauhaus bassist David J and asks him about the band playing with the Virgin Prunes in the 80s.
Q: Looking back to the late 1970s and early 1980s, you shared some stage space with the Virgin Prunes. Do you have fond memories of those days?
David J: “We did some dates with them all right. Isn’t Gavin Friday in that new film Breakfast On Pluto? We got on famously when we did those early dates. I remember once we were in Newcastle and we went into this real rough docker’s pub. We had just done the sound check and he had on fishnet tights, a black dress, makeup – rouge, eyeliner and eye shadow – his hair done up in a big scrunchy top-knot, and a pair of Dr. Martens boots. It was the old Western scene, where everything stopped and all these blokes, real heavy duty guys, put down their pints and looked at him. He just strolled up to the bar and looked back at them, and they sheepishly went back to their drinks. He just had this aura that suggested it would be a very big mistake to fuck with him.”
Q: Not much has changed with him in the intervening years, I can assure you.
David J: “Good. I saw him doing that cabaret thing as well, and that was great. When U2 went weird and got interesting I said to Daniel (Ash) ‘I bet Gavin’s behind all this!’