Rogue’s Gallery reviewed: ‘salty odes’

USA Today:
“Aside from a few duds (contributions from Lou Reed and Bryan Ferry seem more suited for a cruise soundtrack), this is premium booty, especially Bono’s A Dying Sailor to His Shipmate, Lucinda Williams’ Bonnie Portmore, Sting’s Blood Red Roses and tracks by Teddy Thompson, Jolie Holland, Joseph Arthur and Rufus Wainwright. The real grog-guzzling centerpieces are a very salty tune by Gavin Friday and Loudon Wainwright III’s outrageously bawdy Good Ship Venus.”
Toronto Sun:
“But give the real props to the inspired Willner, who uncovered all this buried treasure, put together the sessions and helped this pack of scurvy dogs revamp and personalize these waterlogged work songs, drunken singalongs and stunningly salty odes to Baltimore whores, mermaids, rolling seas, cruel captains and cannibalized cabin boys. Freakiest of all: We’re already looking forward to Vol. 2 next year.”