Gavin Friday and Philip Treacy’s design hat for Pagan Fun Wear


In 1995, ‘Pagan Fun Wear’ was organised as a fund-raising event for War Child, as a continuation of the 1994 ‘Little Pieces by big Stars’ art show and auction.

It was, according to Brian Eno (in his diary, ‘A Year with swollen appendices’): “a Bacchanalian feast, a fashion show, an auction and an art event.”

Fashion items were designed by musicians and made by students from Central St. Martins and Kingston University.

The picture shows the ‘Incognita’ hat Gavin and Philip Treacy co-designed for this event.

Other artists involved included David Bowie, Adam Clayton, Bjork, Lou Reed, Michael Stipe and Jarvis Cocker who made headline news with his see-through loafers which he refused to auction off for anything less than 1500 pounds.