After Schools Education Project

From Ireland Evening Herald, April 2003
FROM LA TO INNER CITY : Band’s stunner teaches tin whistle to kids
Andrea Corr has been shunning the high life of late to give inner-city kids music lessons, the Diary can reveal. The Corrs singer has been accompanying her friend singer Gavin Friday on his regular visits to Sheriff Streets After Schools Education Project, an initiative aimed at discouraging local children from using drugs.
“Andrea has been down to Sheriff St with me a couple of times.” confirmed Gavin “She’s come down to give the kids lessons on the tin whistle and then hang around to chat with them. After a while, everybody forgets she is famous.” Despite being one of the worlds biggest pop stars Andrea didn’t arrive in Sheriff St with a team of bodyguards. “Andrea has never brought security with her or anything like that. But then again nobody needs security when they have Gavin Friday with them,” Gavin said.
The former Virgin Prune singer first became involved with the after school education project when he was contacted by local community leaders “Attendances were down and they hoped by getting someone like me involved it would bring more kids in,” he explained about the programme aimed at keeping young people aged 12-15 years off the streets and away form drug pushers. As part of the workshop youngsters are encouraged to make up a play on the spur of the moment and then act it out in the classroom.
“It could be something like Joan is pregnant but Mick wants to go to a nightclub and do some E’s – how do we stop him taking E’s?” “I’ve ended up playing the role of the bouncer at the nightclub” Gavin and Andrea work with the project came about after they teamed up for the soundtrack of Jim Sheridan’s new film, In America. The pair collaborated with Bono on a song called Time Enough For Tears.
“It’s a beautiful number with a jazzy feel, perfect for the mood of Jims film” raved Gavin about the track on which Andrea sings lead vocal. The recording may well get an early spin tomorrow night when Gavin and his pal Guggi man the record decks in Lillie’s Bordello for a benefit in aid of the Sheriff St Project. “We’ll be doing a special DJ set from 11 onwards. The money we raise will go towards buying the kids a new computer because the one they’ve got is banjaxed”
The kitty is sure to be swelled by the auction of two paintings, one by Gavin and one by Guggi towards the end of the night. “I don’t know who’ll be dropping in but I can tell you this: the music we’ll be playing won’t ever have been played in Lillie’s before and wont ever be played there again. And that’s the truth.”