Documentary: New York Tumble – Gary Jermyn – Made in Manhattan

‘The Man who saved With or Without You’. That’s how Bono describes Gavin in “New York Tumble” a new documentary to be aired on RTE TV in Ireland. Film maker Gary Jermyn filmed Bono, Gavin and Guggi in New York in 2001, talking about their friendship. It features interviews with celebrities such as The Edge, Jim Sheridan and Michael Stipe. Gavin takes the film crew to his favourite place in New York… a meeting with Hal Willner in the Chelsea Hotel.

The documentary was renamed ‘Made in Manhattan’ after the events of September 11, 2001.


Presented by Gary Jermyn and featuring Bono, The Edge, Christy Turlington and Ed Burns, ‘Made in Manhattan’ drops in on two events which have gathered together international celebrities from the worlds of Rock, Fashion, Film and Art. The two events are U2 playing at Madison Square Garden, as well as Bono’s long time friend, artist Guggi, who is opening a major exhibition of his work in one of New York’s most prestigious Art Galleries. In the downtime between these two events, Gary Jermyn spends time with Bono, The Edge, Guggi, Christy Turlington, Gavin Friday and the actor and fiancee of Christy Turlington, Ed Burns, as they bring him to their favourite places in New York to discuss Creativity, Fame, Faith and Friendship.

Gary visits John Lennon’s memorial with Bono; goes on a guitar pilgrimage with The Edge to some of New York’s most famous music stores; does yoga with Christy Turlington and visits her secret favourite place in New York; plays chess with actor Ed Burns; and travels to The Chelsea Hotel with Gavin Friday to meet a very special person. All the action of the week culminates in The Tony Shafrazi Gallery where Bono introduces Guggi’s infamous tumble.

A Graph Films production for RTÉ