Interview: ‘I know my stuff and I love music’ – Sunday Mirror 2002

The Sunday Mirror interviewed Gavin about his DJ stint: ROCK star Gavin Friday may have launched his new career as a DJ but you won’t see him dancing about for a while. The former Virgin Prunes frontman’s record-spinning debut was at BP Fallon’s second Death Disco Dublin event last week.

Gavin said: “I had surgery on my spine at the start of the year and I was quite ill for a few months. I’m upright and that’s about it but there’s no way I’m able to dance – I’m all right for playing records though. I wouldn’t call myself a DJ and I haven’t done it in public before – only a few parties for friends. I’ve gathered a few records together from the punk era and some which have a punky attitude from other times. I like stirring it up – you never know I might throw Judy Garland in there. But I know my stuff and I love music and that’s the most important thing.”