Playlist: Gavin Friday – Death Disco Dublin

Gavin guest-DJ’ed at B.P. Fallon’s ‘Death Disco Dublin’ at Eamon Doran’s on Sunday June 2, 2002.

B.P. Fallon: “It’s a great vibe, a special treat, that Gavin Friday is coming down to do some spinning. Even before his full-on madness/genius with The Virgin Prunes he was at the cutting edge, this thrusting artist spawned on the challenge of Bolan and Bowie and always glittering with creative anarchy. I’m really looking forward to hearing Gavin DJ – I know he’ll play some amazing records.”

Setlist (Listen on Spotify)

  • THE STREETS “Turn the page”
  • THE STOOGES “Down on the street”
  • PERE UBU ”Non-alignment Pact”
  • ROXY MUSIC “Pyjamarama'”
  • SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES “Hong Kong Garden”
  • GANG OF FOUR “Damaged Goods”
  • JOY DIVISION “Disorder”
  • LED ZEPPELIN “Trampled under foot”
  • THE POP GROUP “She is beyond good & evil”
  • SUICIDE “Ghostrider”
  • THE SUGARCUBES “Birthday”
  • WIRE “Lowdown”
  • FISHERSPOONER “The 15th”
  • BEASTIE BOYS ‘Sabotage’
  • PATTI SMITH GROUP ‘Ask the Angels’
  • PUBLIC IMAGE LTD ‘Public Image’
  • X-RAY SPEX “Identity”
  • MAGAZINE ‘Shot by both sides’
  • BOMB THE BASS “Bug powder dust”
  • A CERTAIN RATIO “Shack up”
  • PERE UBU “The Modern Dance”
  • T-REX ‘Cosmic Dancer”


From BP Fallon’s site: “Gavin Friday, immaculate from his shades to his shoes, he appeared with a small suitcase of CDs. He looked like a World War 2 wideboy about to flog black-market nylons. Instead, out of his case the spell-making Mr Friday produced a musical set that was provocative, challenging and contageously stimulating.”

“Gavin climaxed with TRex’s Cosmic Dancer. “This song says it all for me” Gavin said to BPF in the DJ hole-in-the-wall/cage, adding “It can make you cry.” “It often has” BP said, as couples lurched around the dancefloor, taken by the spell of Marc Bolan’s magic.”

“As Gavin Friday was leaving the party, a bunch of people burst into spontaneous applause in appreciation of a brilliant night. “I wasn’t able to say anything to them”, Gavin was able to say two days later, his faculties fully restored. “My ears were ringing from the volume and I couldn’t hear anything”. “What, Gavin? My ears are ringing from the volume and I can’t hear anything”… ”

If you have a Spotify account you can listen to the playlist here.