Q&A: Gavin Friday on Scott Walker

When did you first become aware of Scott Walker?

“Away from some of the Walker Brothers hits.. I’d say i first became aware of Scott Walker via Bowie in the early to mid seventies… it wasnt until early 8o’s when his music truly kicked in for me… Scott Walker sings Jacques Brel was a real touchstone.”

You’ve sung Walker’s song ‘The Plague’ live a few times. Any other Walker songs you’d consider covering?

“Thats a tough one …they are so very much swamped in his own uniqueness …. I’ve always wanted to cover ‘Plastic Palace People’.. of his later music… maybe ‘A Lover Loves’, but lets see how I get on in the next few weeks.”

You are thanked in the sleeve notes of the album ‘Scott 3’. How did that come about?

“Cally Calloman, the designer, was putting together the artwork for the re issues of the early Scott Albums at the same time he was working with me on the artwork for ‘Adam ‘n’ Eve’… and I threw in my twopence worth here and there regarding the Scott re issues.”

How did Gavin Friday get involved in the Drifting and Tilting production at the Barbican?

“I got a phone call from the Barbican saying Scott Walker had requested my involvement in the project.”

What can we expect from you at the shows?

“Something extraordinary…”