Gavin Friday and Friends – setlist

Front row ticket

This is the setlist of ‘Gavin Friday and Friends’ as performed at Carnegie Hall.

Act 1

  1. Apologia – Gavin
  2. Children Of the Revolution – Gavin, Flo & Eddie, Bono, The Edge, Herb Macken
  3. I Want To Live – Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen, Adam Clayton, Flo & Eddie, Maurice Seezer
  4. He Got What He Wanted – Gavin, Antony, Maurice Seezer
  5. Paul McGuinness memories of the Virgin Prunes
  6. Courtney Love memories of the Virgin Prunes
  7. Sweethome Under White Clouds – Gavin, Guggi, Dik, JG Thirlwell, Herb Macken (piano), Maurice Seezer (on drums!)
  8. Caucasian Walk – Gavin, Guggi, Dik, JG Thirlwell, Herb Macken (piano), Maurice Seezer (drums)
  9. Thief Of Your Heart – Martha Wainwright, Maurice Seezer
  10. Ballad Of Immoral Earnings – Gavin & Maria McKee, Maurice Seezer
  11. The Light Pours Out Of Me – Gavin & Courtney Love
  12. Mr Pussy – Gavin, Scarlet Johansson & Rufus Wainwright
  13. Benares Song – Gavin & Rufus Wainwright
  14. A Rainy Night In Soho – Shane MacGowan, Maurice Seezer
  15. Falling Off The Edge Of The World – Gavin, Maria McKee, Joseph Arthur, Jenni Muldaur, Flo & Eddie

Act 2

  1. Cabaret / Money – Joel Grey
  2. Each Man Kills The Thing He Loves – Gavin & Joseph Arthur, Jenni Muldaur
  3. You Take Away The Sun – Gavin
  4. Patrick McCabe reading from first chapter of Breakfast On Pluto
  5. King Of Trash / 21st Century Boy – Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen, Adam Clayton and Flo & Eddie
  6. Knives In The Drain – Lydia Lunch
  7. Caruso – Gavin & Eric Mingus, Maurice Seezer
  8. ‘Red’ ( a Poker Face improv) – Lady Gaga
  9. Angel – Gavin, Antony and Flo & Eddie

  10. Love Is Just A Word – Gavin, Chloe Webb and Flo & Eddie

  11. Another Blow On The Bruise – Gavin & Edge

  12. Time Enough For Tears – Andrea Corr, Gavin

  13. The Last Song I’ll Ever Sing – Bono, Maurice Seezer
  14. Improv – Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, John Zorn

  15. Sonnet 40 – Gavin, Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, John Zorn, Larry Mullen, Edge, Shane MacGowan
  16. Sweet Jane – Gavin, Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, The Edge, John Zorn, Larry Mullen, Edge, Shane MacGowan, Bono, Flo & Eddie, Maurice Seezer
  17. Jean Genie – Gavin, The Edge, Bono, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen, Eric Mingus, Courtney Love, Jenni Muldaur, Flo & Eddie, Andrea Corr, Herb Macken, Shane MacGowan (playing Bill Frisell’s guitar upside down) etc, etc

The band:

Doug Weiselman – musical director, arranger, clarinet, saxophone

Thomas Bartlett – keyboards

Steven Bernstein – trumpet, arranger

Knox Chandler – guitar

Bill Frisell – guitar

Hank Roberts – cello

Erik Sanko – bass

Jim White – drums


  1. Kates on October 10, 2009 at 4:49 pm

    Thank you for giving us a gift! The concert was amazing and a delight to hear so many incredible voices and talents on one stage.

    Happy 50th! It only gets better.

  2. Cecilia on October 17, 2009 at 3:42 pm

    What I find fascinating with this setlist is the enormous range Gavin has. Somewhat unheard of. As a lyricist, his musical range and versatility as an artist. Not to mention he seems to be the sweetest person ever in person! Maybe that´s not a good thing in rough dark Dublin alleyways in the 70ies, but I can tell you, it sure is appreciated by women living in the 21st century!

    Most of the Youtube-clips from this night have been pulled because of copyright reasons, sadly for us who couldn´t make it to Carnegie Hall. I sure wish I could have been there!
    At the moment I´m stuck with library-computers too (due to misstaken powercut at home – hopefully sorted soon! It´s out of my hands – unfortunately I don´t have U2´s backup-crew handy! : )) – and one place doesn´t even have headphones = no sound = real shame! There´s nothing like an Irish male voice… I´ve always fallen for “Eyes-hands-voice”. Turning 40 has apparently made me into something of a perv (??? : )))) since “man-cleavage and rear-end” have been added to the list nowadays! ; ))))) But really, it´s the beaty within that counts in the long run – and there seems to be plenty of that too when it comes to Gorgeous Gavin.

    By the way: bass is not music, it´s foreplay! I´m sure A. would agree, right? ; )))) I never before imagined that it would be true in a double meaning.

    Big *heart* for you Gavin.

  3. Shelley A on February 13, 2011 at 5:55 pm

    this is my first time here and just wanted to stop by and say Hello there everyone.