Gavin Friday & Maria McKee – Falling off the Edge of the World

Single sleeve

Irish Radio DJ Tom Dunne has been playing Gavin Friday’s duet with Maria McKee ‘Falling off the Edge of the World’ (lyrics) on his radio show for this ‘vinyl only’ month. The song proves to be popular with the listeners as many are texting and tweeting Tom to ask where they can get a copy of the song.


‘Falling off the Edge of the World’ is on Gavin Friday’s album Adam ‘n’ Eve and was released by Island Records as a 7″ single, 12″ and CD single in 1992. The album and singles are unfortunately no longer distributed on CD and have never been available for download. However, there are some copies of the album available on

You could also try a search for the album or singles on eBay, or on the vinyl and CD rarities site

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Lyrics for ‘Falling off the Edge of the World’.