The Return of the Fortune Teller

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The Fortune Teller, the acclaimed creation of New York City puppet maker Erik Sanko and designer Jessica Grindstaff, returns to the stage by popular demand at the Here Theater in New York City, October 28th–December 4th, 2010. (Click here for tickets)

The Fortune Teller features a grotesque array of 15 artfully handcrafted figures in a dark comic tale unfolding in a fantastic Victorian world. Seven characters representing the seven deadly sins convene at a dead millionaire’s estate to claim their inheritance as determined by a fortune teller. One by one, each is delivered what they have coming to them, but perhaps not what they are expecting—a brutal, but suitable, demise. Featuring the gravelly, recorded narration of Irish vocalist Gavin Friday and an eerie score by Sanko and Grammy-winning film composer Danny Elfman, this sinister puppet theater spectacle is a perverse, but gleeful morality tale for grown-ups.

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“For those souls with a taste for the elegantly macabre, attendance is highly advised. To miss it – now that would be a sin”

-The Village Voice”

“A morality fable for grown-ups, evoking the familiar idioms of Edward Gorey and Tim Burton in a style you might term Victorian ghastly… the set, a regular wunderkammer, keeps opening up to reveal new sets and images, little Victorian dioramas… macabre and engaging.”

– The New York Times