Gavin Friday and Anni Hogan collaborate on Angels of Romance song

Anni Hogan Gavin Friday Angels of Romance Lost in Blue

Gavin Friday features on the song “Angels of Romance” on the new album from Anni Hogan (Marc & The Mambas, The Willing Sinners) ‘Lost In Blue’, produced by Dave Ball (Soft Cell) and Riccardo Mulhall.

Anni on collaborating with Gavin: “I had met Gavin sometime somewhere back in the day, but only briefly so this was another new and special moment. I sent him a fairly complete piece, drum machine & piano, strong melodic line to suggest a vocal and strings. Gavin responded ‘I think we can do something magical’ which I jumped out of my chair in excitement and immediately called Dave & Ricc at the studio. Gavin went in the studio in Dublin and created a compelling complicated and utterly devastating beauty which actually made me cry when I first heard it. His voice and talent are so amazing.” (interview from

Other collaborations on the album include Lydia Lunch, Kid Congo Powers (ex Gun Club, Cramps, Bad Seeds) and Richard Strange (Doctors of Madness).

LP Track Listing

  1. Lost Somewhere
  2. My Career (Ft. Kid Congo Powers)
  3. Death Bed Diva (Ft. Richard Strange)
  4. Silk Paper (Ft. Wolfgang Flür)
  5. Ghosts Of Soho (Ft. Celine Hispiche)
  6. Blue Contempt (Ft. Lydia Lunch)
  7. Thunderstruck
  8. Making Blackpool Rock (Ft. Scarlet West)
  9. Angels Of Romance (Ft. Gavin Friday)
  10. Lost In Blue (Ft. John Fiddler)

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