Gavin Friday contributes recording of ‘Slates, Slags etc’ to The Fall symposium

Gavin Friday has recorded a version of The Fall’s 1981 song ‘Slates, Slags etc’ with the group Frigid Stars.  The recording will be presented as Gavin’s contribution to Always Different, Always The Same: a symposium on the band in Limerick, Ireland on November 7th. 2019.

Frigid Stars are Eoin Devereux and David Meagher (both of the band Section 17). Once described as a “friendly visitor” to The Fall, Gavin Friday recorded three songs with the band and performed live with them at the ICA, London and at the Hacienda, Manchester.

Always Different, Always The Same curated by the Popular Music and Popular Culture Research Cluster at UL will take place at Dolan’s Limerick Ireland on November 7th from 9am to 6pm followed by a gig by Imperial Wax.

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Please note that Gavin Friday will not perform live at this event.