Gavin Friday writes music for RTÉ documentary on Francis Bacon

December 11, 2022



Gavin Friday and Michael Heffernan have written and produced original music for a compelling new documentary about the artist Francis Bacon.

A landmark Arts and Culture documentary for RTÉ 1 celebrates the 30th anniversary of the death of the Irish-born artist, Francis Bacon, (1909-1992) one of the greatest figurative painters of the twentieth century.

‘Working on the music for this documentary on Francis Bacon was so spontaneous. It just musically happened, but then the man’s work and paintings have been for years deeply engraved into that beautiful mad box room in my brain.’ GF, December 22

Presented and narrated by U2’s Adam Clayton, a huge admirer of Francis Bacon, this insightful documentary traces the artist’s time in Ireland and examines the complex relationship Francis Bacon had with Ireland, the country of his birth.

Adam Clayton says, ‘I connected with Bacon when I was in my teens, maybe because he was born in Ireland, it somehow resonated with me…he was an artist who with a few brushstrokes could bring you right to the edge of chaos.’

“Francis Bacon, The Outsider” airs on RTÉ 1, Thursday 15 December, at 10:15 pm