CD: Atonalist featuring Gavin Friday – Atonalism

Atonalist featuring Gavin Friday - Atonalism

French duo Atonalist released their debut album Atonalism featuring Gavin Friday on May 10th, 2017. Gavin wrote the lyrics for and sings vocals on five tracks: “Different to the others”, “The Road to Perdition”, “The Philosophers’ Argument”, “Gottesanbeterin” and “Our Fearless Leader”.

Atonalist are multi-instrumentalist Renaud-Gabriel Pion and multi instrumentalist Arnaud Fournier. Together they create an instinctive music, outside codes, drawing as much in contemporary music, free jazz, non-tempered Oriental modes, as in noise, indus and electronica. 

Gavin Friday and Renaud-Gabriel Pion of Atonalist previously worked together on Gavin’s 1996 solo album Shag Tobacco and subsequent scores, as well as live shows.