Pat McCabe

Playwright and novelist Patrick McCabe (Clones, Ireland, 1955) is the author of novels such as The Butcher Boy (1992), The Dead School (1995) and Breakfast on Pluto (1998). His most recent novels are The Holy City (2008) and The Stray Sod Country (2010).

Gavin Friday and Pat McCabe met in the early Nineties when McCabe was living in London and Gavin was working on the “In The Name Of The Father” soundtrack and struck an immediate friendship:

“[Gavin and I] started to spend some time together – a lot of time, actually. That he liked disco music I was pleasantly surprised to hear – and his Behanesque combination of sensitivity and pugnaciousness was something to which I found I willingly responded…”

Shortly after, McCabe wrote the short story “Shagging Tobacco” as part of the sleeve notes of the album Shag Tobacco. Since then they have collaborated on and off stage many times – a selection of which is listed below:

  • McCabe’s novel Breakfast on Pluto is dedicated to Gavin (1998)
  • Gavin and Maurice Seezer composed music for McCabe’s radio play “Emerald Germs of Ireland” (2000)
  • Gavin played Billy Hatchett in Neil Jordan’s movie adaption of McCabe’s Breakfast on PLuto, and recorded songs for its soundtrack. (2004)
  • Gavin and Herbie Macken composed music for McCabe’s play “The Revenant” (2007)
  • Gavin performed at the book launch of McCabe’s “The Holy City” (2008)
  • McCabe read at Gavin’s 50th birthday party in Carnegie Hall (2009)
  • McCabe wrote the short story “Requiem for the Fallen” for the sleeve notes of Gavin’s album “catholic” (2011)

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