Gavin Friday will be showing and discussing his favourite tv and film clips in conversation with Dutch writer and comedian Raoul Heertje, host of VPRO’s Winter Guests (Wintergasten), on Dutch national television (Ned 2) at 8.25pm on Monday, January 2nd. The complete show will be repeated on Saturday, January 14th at 1.55pm.

Raoul Heertje: “Friday is a real artist in my opinion, someone who does what he thinks has to be done. He is completely autonomous and I get the impression he nurses his talent carefully. Woody Allen once said all his work is about love, sex and death. I think Friday’s the same. He deals with big, intense subjects. I dig that.”

Previous guests on the show include the director David Lynch, the economist Jeffrey Sachs, the writer Isabel Allende and musicians Iggy Pop and Antony.

Winter Guests (Wintergasten) is the international version of Dutch broadcaster VPRO’s successful format Summer Guests (Zomergasten). The program features a renowned guest who shows and talks about his or her favorite television and film clips, and about his or her work and life.

Wintergasten, VPRO (Dutch television)

Monday, January 2, 8.25-10pm on Ned 2.

Wintergasten official website

You can see Gavin Friday live at Paradiso in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on February 19th.