Andre Antunes

At the age of 16 Andre Antunes, from Brazil, began his drumming career in a Gospel church, a musical style that would form a lifelong influence on his playing.

Andre played drums with a wide variety of acts around his hometown but it was in 1999, when he moved to the city of Sao Paolo, that he began playing with some of the great names in Brazilian music such as Edu Ribeiro & Cativeiro and Leo Maia.

During the 6 years Andre spent in Sao Paolo he toured extensively throughout 20 different countries, playing with international acts and several dance companies.

Andre has settled in Ireland and has been a full time member of the Irish band Republic of Loose since 2007. He played drums on Gavin Friday’s 2011 album ‘catholic’ and the subsequent tours in 2011 and 2012.

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