Fernando Saunders

Fernando Saunders is a musician, performer, vocalist and virtuoso bass player from Detroit, Michigan who is a long-time collaborator with Lou Reed and has played with Marianne Faithfull, Joan Baez, Slash, Tori Amos, Jimmy Page, Luciano Pavarotti and Jeff Beck, among others.

He first made his name internationally as one of the core players with Hamilton Bohannon, and then as a key member of The Jeff Beck/Jan Hammer Group. His collaboration as player and co-songwriter with Lou Reed, Kip Hanrahan and Marianne Faithcul started in the early 80’s.

Fernando Saunders is of the world’s most highly sought after studio and touring musicians. He played bass guitar on Gavin Friday’s 1989 album “Each Man Kills The Thing He Loves” and played live with the Friday-Seezer band, which also included Michael Blair and Sarah Homer, on the November 1989 USA tour. His most recent collaboration with Gavin was at the 2009 “Gavin Friday and Friends” concert in Carnegie Hall.

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