1992-11-14 Tramps & Sin-E, New York, NY, USA

The show had originally been booked at the Little Tramp, next door to Tramps, but due to a double booking they decided Gavin should perform in Tramps after the main show ended (The Clancy Brothers, with Tommy Makem). Tramps was unable to keep the electricity running for the stage equipment forcing Gavin to perform King of Trash unplugged in the middle of the audience. It’s then decided to continue the show at Sin-E, with Gavin’s audience following him down to the venue.


  1. You Take Away The Sun
  2. Each Man Kills The Thing He Loves
  3. King Of Trash


  1. Life’s A Gas
  2. King Of Trash
  3. Benares Song
  4. Sweet Jane
  5. Rags To Riches
  6. Death Is Not The End

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