1993-02-14 Largo, Los Angeles, USA

The third of three nights in L.A.’s Largo club. Special guest Maria McKee joins Gavin on stage for the encore on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Eden
  2. You Take away the Sun
  3. I Want to Live
  4. Each Man Kills the Thing He Loves
  5. Life’s a gas
  6. King of trash
  7. Next
  8. Try some, buy some
  9. The Big No! No!
  10. Where in the world
  11. Death is Not the End
  12. My Funny Valentine
  13. Hi-le-le Hi-lo (Maria McKee)
  14. Don’t You Want Me? (Gavin and Maria)
  15. Cinderella Rockefella (Gavin and Maria)

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