2011-07-05 Gavin Friday – Able video

Gavin Friday’s music video ‘Able’ premiers today, taken from his current album ‘catholic’.

Gavin Friday enlisted the expertise of highly acclaimed and renowned director Kevin Godley and producer Ned O’Hanlon for its making. Both Godley and O’Hanlon have both worked on many creative projects in the art and entertainment medium with star artists such as U2, Paul McCartney, Blur, Rolling Stones Oasis to name but a few.

‘Able’ is a kind of declaration that comes with age and experience which is reflected in the video as Friday struggles with his inner emotions and feelings. The poetic lyrics, haunting vocals and emotional movements combine together to produce a compelling video.

Commenting on the video Godley added ‘Gavin is prevented from being a free agent by a shadow version of himself. Attached, like a growth, to every limb it slows him down, makes him stumble, twists and distorts him in any way it can to dominate and take control. It’s mission is to disable. Their fight is our film’.

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‘catholic’ was released in April, the first album from Gavin Friday in 16 years.

Gavin Friday plays this years Electric Picnic September 2nd 2011.

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