26-05-2011 The Reich Effect remix competition

Cork Opera House Proudly Presents


A 5 day Festival Marking the 75th Year of

Pulitzer Prize Winning Composer, Steve Reich

Wednesday 27 – Sunday 31 July 2011

A Call for The Reich Remix

Cork Opera House is proud to present The Reich Effect , a 5 day festival marking the 75th year of the Pulitzer Prize winning composer, Steve Reich. A multitude of performances including the Irish premiere of WTC 9/11 by the Kronos Quartet and performances by London Sinfonietta and Synergy Vocals, Efterklang with Daniel Bjarnason and their Messing Orchestra, The Johann Johannsson Ensemble and an electric line –up of Irish musical talent including Crash Ensemble, Íarla Ó Lionáird and Gavin Friday. The Reich Effect will take place in Cork Opera House and other Cork City venues from Wednesday 27 through Sunday 31 July.

We are inviting submissions from budding electronic artists for the experimental Reich Remix Competition. The New York Times calls Steve Reich “our greatest living composer” and “among the great composers of the century”, while The New Yorker hails him as “the most original musical thinker of our time”.

If you are a musician, DJ, music producer, remixer or Reich aficionado and want to create your own original Reich Effect, then this is for you. The finalists will be judged and selected by none other than Steve Reich, having been shortlisted by a panel of high profile judges including Jim Carroll, Gavin Friday, Stevie G, Nialler09 and Dónal Dineen.

“In my generation we tore the wall down, if Brian Eno or David Bowie come to me, and if popular musicians remix my music like The Orb or DJ Spooky it is a good thing”. Steve Reich

In 1991, The Orb’s “Fluffy Little Clouds” gave a major pop nod to Steve Reich, whose composition “Electric Counterpoint” served as the foundation for the band’s breakthrough hit. Reich’s entire output — from early tape collages and pioneering work to his later, larger and more intricate works, including collaborations with visual artists — has served as both template and inspiration for a growing legion of electronic musicians and DJs. The ideas that Steve Reich has been mining for the past three decades have inspired not only the sensibilities of today’s youth culture, but also the technological developments that have shaped them.

“From the phase-shifting tape loop pieces of the early to mid-60s, to the later, more ‘composed’ works with their gradually developing cellular rhythmic and melodic structures, an approach which reached its apogee in the late 70s, Reich’s music can be heard echoing across the Electronica spectrum, from the most hardcore German Techno to Aphex Twin, D*Note, Alec Empire, Tortoise, Panasonic…” —The Wire




Crash Ensemble with Iarla Ó Lionáird and Gavin Friday will perform at Cork Opera House on July 31st. Crash Ensemble will perform Double Sextet for which Steve Reich was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Music in 2009.

Local, national and international artists will come together to produce three special programmes of Reich’s music: Counterpoint, Drumming and Phases. These will include two unique dance commissions. David Bolger will perform to Kate Ellis’s Cello Counterpoint and Nic Gaireiss will perform to Clapping Music. Both events take place in the Firkin Crane.

Between now and The Reich Effect, Cork will come alive with a series of Reich influenced pop-ups events, conversations, screenings, surprise collaborations and other disruptive adventures intended to invade the city and add some Festival fizz.

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